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Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks


Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks

Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks


Marin County Athletic League Honors - Fall 2017

Kelsey Van Allen, Cross Country: First Team 

Summer Solomon, Cross Country: Second Team 

Paul Law, Cross Country: Second Team

Cooper Jacobs, Football: Second Team Offense, Second Team Defense

Noah Haynesworth, Football: Honorable Mention Offense

Daniel Park, Football: Honorable Mention Offense

Ben Reade, Football: Honorable Mention Offense

Chloe Jeanmonod, Golf: First Team

Natalie Gooden, Golf: Second Team & Spirit of the Game Award

Mikayla White, Golf: Second Team

Natalie Durham, Tennis: First Team Singles 

Camilla Tarpey-Schwed, Tennis: First Team Singles 

Annelie Miller, Tennis: First Team Doubles 

Emma Schultz, Tennis: First Team Doubles

Jamilah Karah, Tennis: Second Team Singles

Katie Bulger, Tennis: Second Team Singles

Genevieve Durham, Tennis: Second Team Doubles

Olivia VanDien, Tennis: Second Team Doubles

Adara Whitney, Volleyball: Second Team

Connor King, Waterpolo: First Team

Cian Concannon, Waterpolo: First Team

Yonni Hirner, Waterpolo: Second Team

John Luster, Waterpolo: Second Team 

Sam Sternfels, Waterpolo: First Team

Lyla Jones, Waterpolo: Second Team

Mikaere Todd, Waterpolo: Second Team

Jada Andrews, Waterpolo: Honorable Mention



Marin County Athletic League Honors - Winter 2016-17 

Jaiana Harris, Basketball: Player of the Year

Ryan Leake, Soccer: Player of the Year 

Karim Shakur, Wrestling: MCAL Wrestler of the Year & NCS 195lb champion 
Jack Duboff, Basketball: First Team

Jacob Moeller, Basketball: Second Team 

Jordan Jackson, Basketball: Second Team

Katie Sowerby, Basketball: Second Team

Megan Lee, Basketball: Second Team

Callie Clifford, Soccer: First Team 

Kallie Hukari, Soccer: First Team

Kira Cross, Soccer: First Team 

Owen Schwartz, Soccer: First Team 

Maxi vonWelczeck, Soccer: First Team 

Emlen Janetos, Soccer: Second Team

Oliver Parkin, Soccer: Second Team

Jack Murphy, Soccer: Second Team   

Izzy Reeves, Soccer: Honorable Mention 

Rezin Harris,Wrestling: Second Team

Tristan Mitchell, Wrestling: Second Team

Jamar Sekona, Wrestling: Second Team

Tico Orestes Ferrer,  Wrestling: Honorable Mention

Jacob Siderman, Wrestling: Honorable Mention

Ronin Harris, Wrestling: Honorable Mention

Marin County Athletic League Honors - Spring 2017

Ryan Sacks, Fields Events Athlete of the Year

Lauren Ross, Fields Events Athlete of the Year

Nick Brass, Baseball: First Team

Ryan Leake, Baseball: First Team

Nick Kennison, Baseball: First Team

Will Muir, Baseball: First Team

Nick Friedman, Golf: First Team

Duncan Labeeuw-Anderson, Golf: First Team

Jack Hansen, Golf: Honorable Mention

Emma Blackburn, Lacrosse: Second Team

Kylie Frame, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Kate Peterson, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Lucky Shulman, Lacrosse, Honorable Mention

Annika Honig, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Hank Taft, Lacrosse: Second Team

Arthur Berlinger, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Jason Beuchel, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Riley Hancock, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Jonny Sekula, Softball: First Team

Nate Ferro, Tennis, First Team Singles

Collin Prell, Tennis, First Team Doubles

Sam Settleman, Tennis, First Team Doubles

Will Roddy, Tennis, Second Team Singles

Finn Taylor, Tennis, Second Team Singles

Nikhil Kharkar, Tennis, Second Team Singles

Mason Marks, Tennis, Honorable Mention

Ben Lampl, Volleyball: Honorable Mention

Hudaifa Azam, Volleyball: Honorable Mention
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